Alliance Concrete Singapore Pte Ltd produces a wide array of concrete to suit the needs of our various clients. Our resident concrete specialist along with a dedicated technical team is always ready to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Just let us know and our team will get right on it. Our niche is our technical capability to produce high strength concrete, viz Portland Blast Furnace Cement, Self-Compacting Concrete and Temperature Control Concrete.

OPC Concrete

OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) is the cement used in the most basic and commonly manufactured concrete. It is the preferred mix design for most general construction.

PBFC Concrete

PBFC (Portland Blast Furnace Cement) Concrete is a specially designed concrete mix which has low hydration heat characteristics. This is particularly useful for mass concreting as it remains workable for a longer period of time.


HPC (High Performance Concrete) has been defined as concrete that possesses high workability, high strength and high durability. In HPC, certain characteristics are developed for the particular application and environment based on our clients’ specified requirements.


SCC (Self Compacting Concrete) is a specially optimized mix for different strength grades which can cater for wide range of applications. It can be placed and compacted under its own weight with no segregation or bleeding. SCC is a recent addition to the concrete development which is gaining popularity owing to the ease of its self compacting/leveling/consolidating properties and can significantly improve the concretes performance.


HSC (High strength concrete) has the same density as the average concrete but with a compressive strength class of higher than C50/60.


Our TCC (Temperature Control Concrete) mix design allows for its temperature to be kept within a specified range depending on our clients requirements.

Green concrete

Green concrete is concrete which is designed to BCA mix specifications and guidelines with environmental conservation in mind.